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RPM Captive Insurance, LLC is an extension of RelMark Program Managers, who provides specialty insurance for Fire Sprinkler Contractors, Alarm Contractors, Design Contractors, and more. RPM is meant to accomplish a more complete insurance program for all types of businesses. We strive to facilitate the broadest possible range of captive insurance cell services by providing a gateway to feasibility studies, general management, policy drafting and pricing, risk management reviews, financial reporting services, corporate secretarial and regulatory compliance services.
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Click Above to Watch a Brief Introduction to Captives
Click Above to Watch a Brief Introduction to Captives

General Management

  • Maintain on behalf of client principal office in the state of domicile.
  • Assist with all matters related to preparation for meetings of the Board
  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, shareholders and committee meetings, as well as all other strategic meetings deemed appropriate
  • Appointing employees of Atlas to serve as officers and/or directors as needed
  • Coordinate the provision of other services required in the conduct of the business, such as services provided by auditors, actuarial analysts, legal and tax advisors, investment managers and insurance consultants
  • Service the account in accordance with the standards to be agreed with the client, including timely availability of key personnel, prompt and thorough response and accurate ongoing advice regarding the captive insurance industry

Risk Management Reviews

  • Thoroughly review existing insurance programs with clients and their advisors, recommending cost-saving program restructuring and identifying uninsured risk
  • Work with actuaries to accurately price these risks and with specialists to draft policies. Examples of uninsured risk can include enterprise risk, SIRs, deductible reimbursements, excess liability, cyber risks, and regulatory risk.

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare and maintain accounting records in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and the requirements of the domicile's insurance laws and regulations
  • Prepare and maintain quarterly statements and management accounts, as required by each captive cell. The package of managements accounting information will be designed to meet the needs of the client
  • Assist the Board with the preparation of an annual general and administrative expense budget
  • Prepare and file premium tax and filing fee returns, if required
  • Under the specific directions of the captive's officers of appointees, maintain bank accounts, handle cash receipts and disbursements, and perform other such cash handling functions as may be required by the captive but not including investment management, discretionary investment services or trust services
  • Prepare and coordinate annual audit by the appointed auditors

Corporate Secretarial

  • Prepare all minutes of directors and shareholders meeting, maintain corporate registers and attend to all filings required by the government of the domicile

Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintain close relations with the regulatory department of the domicile
  • Prepare and file all reports required under applicable insurance law
  • Prepare and maintain documentation and records required by the domicile

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With our unique team, we have your complete risk management package. No more shopping for insurance.
RPM Captive Insurance is the complete and more cost-effective solution.

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